Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a key part of the supply chain and primarily aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse and process the associated transactions, including shipping, receiving, putting and picking.

The proposed solution will be based on RFID, barcode and mobile computer technologies. In this solution serial number of every material will be scanned during the receiving, putting, picking and dispatch activity.

The processes of proposed solution are as follow:-

Computer Based Application Modules:

  • Location Marking
  • Material label printing & receiving
  • Material pick-list generation
  • Reports

       HHT Based Applications Modules:



Material dispatch

1. Location Marking

Each location in the warehouse is categorized into different categories and is marked with a unique location code. User will enter these location codes in location master. Therefore, at the time of put away and picking user can easily select the values of the location. This will help in tighter control, maximum efficiency and improved visibility.

2. Material receiving process

As soon as the material enters in the warehouse, workers will receive the materials at the receiving area. User will enter the required information in the WMS application to print the Barcode or RFID label for every unique material, after that user paste same label on the material and scan the same label by receiving application.

Automation will accelerate the receiving processes by clearly identifying inventory and improving tracking capabilities. This way the whole receiving process becomes very efficient.

3. Putting

With clear visibility of the location, user can deliver the right storage area as well as most efficient route to that location. This way the exact location of the inventory can be traced at a highly detailed level. User scans the incoming material’s RFID/Barcode tag using HHT, scan the shelf label/location using HHT, and then place the material in the scanned area.

4. Picking

Whenever the material is to be picked up from warehouse, system will provide a picklist to the user for picking up the material from the warehouse. With mobility farther upstream in the warehouse supply chain at the time of picking, it is already known what material is on the warehouse shelves and where specifically it is located. Picker will login into the HHT scan the material which is supposed to be picked and pick the material and bring it in the required area.

5. Material Dispatch

In this process a dispatch supervisor will enter the dispatch code mentioned in dispatch order in the HHT application and start the scanning of every picked item against the dispatch order. It is a re-verification process to insure the correct dispatch. The dispatch application will verify the scanned data against the picklist saved in the WMS server. In case of any mismatch picking application will give an alert to avoid the wrong dispatch.

Supervisor will ask the picker to pick the correct item and put the wrong item on its place, then dispatch supervisor will again scan the item, application will give a confirmation when it complete the scanning of every item mentioned on the picklist. User will transfer the data by connecting (USB) the HHT with WMS server application. After confirmation item will be dispatched to Customer.