Laptops are an important tool and a common fixture in virtually every company these days. As a result laptops end up with all kinds of business critical and even confidential information. Laptops offer employees instant access to product information and plans, customer lists and sales contracts – essentially all the tools required to run a business. Companies are increasingly concerned about the security of employee laptops given the sensitive nature of information contained on many of them. This reality combined with the fact that laptops are moved around more frequently today due to the nature of current business that requires more employee travel, make laptops a critical asset that need to be tracked.

Benefits of Laptop Tracking:

  • Real-Time Traceability of Laptops.
  • Improved security of Laptops.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property.
  • Ability of employees and auditors to quickly locate specific laptops saving time and effort.
  • Real-Time Laptop Discovery and Notification
  • Eliminate manual configuration identification
  • Tracks historical changes and generates alerts
  • Maintain and manage a complete, accurate audit trial for every Laptop in the enterprise.
  • Elimination of theft.