Complaint Log Management System

What is complaint log management system?

Complaint management is the process of handling, managing, responding to, and reporting customer grievances. This process requires a streamlined approach and constant monitoring to ensure faster resolutions.

What it Does?

  • Multichannel capabilities to help your team respond quicker
  • Assigning the tickets to the right agents
  • Making multi-department collaboration easier
  • Improving productivity using intuitive automation
  • Keeping processes on track with Blueprint
  • Measuring and improving your quality of service
  • Picking the right complaint management system

Why it is required?

  • Collect tickets from various channels and segregate them in one place
  • Assign the tickets to the right agent and notify them promptly
  • Provide a Platform that facilitates workplace collaboration
  • Save time, manage effort, and optimize productivity using Areteinfo’s CompLog
  • Be a step ahead by creating a blueprint of a process from real life
  • Measure the quality of your complaint management system