Arete’s VisCam© is a reliable and cost effective visitor management application that enables an organization to manage and track visitors throughout its facilities, using standard desktop technology.

Application of the System

It has the compatibility and flexibility to be used with organizations of every size, where either unscheduled visits or pre scheduled visits or both, need to be managed. In every company where number of visitors is high, an implementation of such system will prove to be highly beneficial in improving the company profits and reputation.

Arete’s VisCam©

The Interactive Software can be used for enterprise of every sector and size for recording and managing Pre-scheduled as well as unscheduled visits, thus ensuring greater security and better employee management and work tracking. Highly Interactive, Extremely Simple to use and integrate, Flexible and Very Cost-efficient (using Innovative working and accurate recording) are its novel features.

VisCam© Process

Prescheduled Visits: Using the Arete VisCam© application, visitors can be quickly and efficiently enrolled into the system. Prior to a guest’s arrival, a System User or Operator can enter pertinent visitor data into the system, assign an employee host to the visitor, assign active time/date ranges for the person’s scheduled visits, optionally capture the visitor’s photo and signature, and assign access privileges to the visitor.

Enrolment: Then, upon arrival, the visitor can be signed in with a simple mouse click, and a visitor badge can be printed for the person. For large groups, VisCam© provides bulk signing and printing capabilities as well.

Unscheduled Visits: It can also manage unscheduled visits by issuing of special visitor badges and maintaining the record. A badge can be printed immediately with details which can be used to record timings. Software manages the record and integrates the same for various uses.

Both the operations will need an attendant along with desktop technology. Such combination is already existent in various companies at receptions; and with minimal upgrade (without needing extra technology), the company’s security and visitor management can be increased manifold.

Unscheduled Visits (TAB Application): In case of tab application, visitor will directly come to the registration counter, enter his details, a photo will be clicked, visitor’s mobile number will be verified by the OTP, host will be intimated by an SMS and pass will be printed. Software manages the record and integrates the same for various uses on the database server.

Arete’s Self Operating KIOSK

Arete’s VisCam© is ably supported by a number of Accessories and/or KIOSK provided by Arete, which make the experience and operation much easier and simpler for our client.

VisCam© Self Operating KIOSK

The Self Operating Kiosk is one such necessary add-on to the VisCam©. This can be used by all the clients who would like to bring a change to the use of existing PC in their security/ reception desks, and instead use the elegant and technologically brilliant VisCam© Kiosk (which can be self operated by the visitor and also monitored by the receptionist/ security, if needed).

It has a 17” Touch Screen Monitor, Key board and Built in PC, Preloaded OS Win XP & VisCam© Client.

Kiosk Special Benefits

VisCam©, as already mentioned, is highly compatible to be efficiently used with the existing computer system in the company. But for every company who would like to have higher emphasis on its visitor management, and show their visitors the high-end technology they are using, this self serve Kiosk is the intelligent answer.

               Combination of all required hardware accessories into one system

               Saves Space and covers every need

               Aesthetically Elegant

               Extremely easy to operate and handle

               Very Simple to Install

               Minimum Maintenance costs

All the regular and special features lead to one summarized conclusion regarding the Kiosk System:

Cost effective, Technologically Advanced, Automated System with brand strengthening Aesthetics

Visitor Access Control: Visitor access control can also be implemented using the barcode/QR code printed on the visitor pass. In this case access gate will have barcode scanners with a controller connected to it. After taking the visitor pass, visitor goes to the access gates and flashes the QR code on the pass onto the QR code scanned install on the gate. System verifies the visitor and if authenticated gives access to the visitor. System records all data for MIS reporting.