Parking Ticket Dispenser

PRO 26 combined to an automatic barrier and a couple of magnetic loops is a device for controlling an entrance gateway of a car park area. PRO 26 is part of a wired system, connected via Ethernet. The front panel of the station is composed by ticket-request button, a slot from which the ticket is issued, Display indicating the operations which are to be carried out in multiple languages, HF reader, multi lingual vocal synthesis for audio instructions; an external scanner for subscription bar code tickets can be added as optional. Basic functions of the device survive even in case of network failure.

Occasional users:

The PRO 26 ticket dispenser is able to manage the transit of rotational user. The occasional users must withdraw the ticket by pressing the lit up button. On the ticket there is a unique ID reference beside configurable time/date and parking information.


Thanks to the HF card reader located internally on the PRO 26, it’s possible to access the car park with a standard HF card previously purchased at the car park manned station. It is possible to use different subscription cards supports, thanks to the strong modularity of PRO 26 Dispenser. ANPR option allow an advanced subscription management where number plate becomes the main key to pass and the HF card remains as a back-up.


PRO 26 has been developed to be installed in a simple and immediate manner. The access to the necessary components for maintenance operations is simplified. Configurations can be done directly either by the internal control board or by manned station or via remote connection.

PRO 26 can be used for regular entrance gates in Parking areas of medium-large dimensions where it is necessary to have total control by operators, cash point shifts, subscription cards and tickets management.