Smart Parking Solution

Our Smart Parking system comprises of in-ground and OHI vehicle detection sensors, which are installed per bay and looped into a set of 32 sensors to a zonal controller to master controller to the parking guidance server.

Once installed, operators can manage the parking needs of their community using the visibility that the Smart parking dashboard provides. This not only shows live parking events, but affords users detailed site information such as parking trends and abuse of parking spaces, meaning informed decisions can be made around how the status of each individual bay is regulated. As well, detailed reports can be generated, and analysts also have the power to generate customized, targeted reporting themselves, without having to bring in external IT contractors.

We have found in many smart city sites that a key requirement is the ability to expand on the system in the future. This benefit is integral to our system as it has been designed from day one to be a true smart city tool. By simply installing more sensors and controllers, we can streamline these into Smart parking system at server level with ease.

Smart Parking Components

  1. Parking Sensors
  2. Variable Message sign displays
  3. Mobile Apps
  4. Parking Ticket Dispensers
  5. ANPR Cameras
  6. Automatic/Manual Payment Stations
  7. RFID
  8. Exit Ticket Verifiers
  9. Parking Booking through web/mobile app