New technologies have always been of interest for libraries, both for the potential of increasing the quality of service and for improving efficiency of operations. At present libraries of all kinds whether public, research or special libraries are overwhelmingly looking forward to adopt new technologies due to its potential for cost savings in the operations and the management of books and patrons. One such technology is RFID. Books to have the RFID tags for book identification and users to have RFID cards for user identification.

LibMan: Provides catalogue of the books, most frequently used books, books under issue, due date, lost books details etc. Apart from these day-to-day transactions can also be maintained.


  • Inventory Updation
  • Fee Management
  • Book Issuance
  • Book Return
  • Penalty Charging
  • Card Top Up

Benefits of LibMan

For Library Staff

  • Speeds up book check-in / check-out .
  • Frees staff to better service patrons.
  • Inventory management can be done using a handheld reader without closing the library.
  • Library staff is alerted immediately when un-borrowed items passes through the theft detection gates.
  • Identify and sort books in accordance to their branch and category numbers as well as shelf locations

For Patrons

  • Patrons will spend less time waiting in check-out lines by using Self Check in – Check out systems
  • Patrons find what they are looking for quickly & easily
  • Reminders for due dates allows patrons to submit borrowed materials in time
  • Use of book drops & return chutes for returning library material, allows for flexible timings
  • RFID enabled patron cards allows for easy patron identification