Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR)

With the vehicle applications gaining popularity in daily life, intelligent vehicle management becomes important in many industries. AreteInfo ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology can detect and identify the vehicle’s unique license plate number and is an important component of a sophisticated vehicle management system.

While AreteInfo’s ANPR technology has been approved by many customers for its high accuracy, lack of a universal license plate format in the overseas market presented a great challenge.

Areteinfo’s ANPR technology was created to be applied globally in diverse places since it does not rely on prior information (such as plate character structure, plate color, etc.).

ANPR Specifications

AreteInfo ANPR technology is able to extract license plates from the complicated background, separate and recognize each character on the plate, and reformat the plate information. The technology consists of plate locating, character partitioning, and character recognition.

AreteInfo ANPR technology features the most advanced machine learning algorithm and the image processing measure, and reaches extremely high accuracy. It has the following advantages

  • Small resource occupation.
  • High recognition efficiency.
  • Great capability: round-the-clock recognition and minimally affected by weather.
  • Global application: supports English characters, and any other language characters.

Character Recognition Flow