Guide Park

Arete’s Guide Park is the Parking Guidance and Management System which helps people find parking slots quickly. The GuidePark constitutes the access control system, revenue management, security system and statistical information.

Parking Management System constitutes of:

  • Parking Management Software – Software is the backbone of the whole GuidePark System
  • Automated Access control system – GuidePark integrates with the Access control system like Automatic gates, barrier controls, ticketing systems etc.
  • Enabling Fool Proof Security –The security features includes tying in with RFID based entry exit, Under Vehicle Scanning system & Automatic Number Plate recognition systems.
  • Automated Fee systems – Easy configuration of GuidePark software to configure Fee payments depending on the duration or exclude payment of fee based on management issued passes. Assign customers as prepaid, post-paid.
  • Statistical reporting software – Generate hourly, weekly, monthly & yearly reports.

Parking guidance system constitutes of:

Real-time Vehicle counting –The vehicle counting system constitutes of a Sensor based vehicle counting system. This will be installed in every parking slot such that the management gets real time knowledge of the number of cars present at each floor.

Real time parking guidance display –Display boards display the number of empty slots at every floor as well as within the floors.

Video Surveillance (optional) –An optional multi camera video surveillance system can be integrated into the GuidePark solution.

GuidePark Process: Arete’s GuidePark quickly and easily guides parkers to vacant bays using a combination of signs and bay indicators. Once the customer reaches an aisle with bays available, they will be able to easily identify the vacant bays at a glance. Bay indicators are mounted on the ceiling above each space and are equipped with extra bright LED’s, indicating the status of the parking space (vacant, occupied, reserved). This results in a better customer experience.

The system can substantially increase turnover in busy car parks by quickly and easily guiding customers to vacant bays, minimising circulation and parking times as well as significantly reducing customer frustration and stress.

  • High speed – the system operates in real time. This is essential for accurate messages to be displayed on the signs.
  • Accurate – research has shown that customers need to trust the system to use it properly, or it is just a waste of money if they ignore it and continue to circulate.
  • Signage – clear signage at each decision-making point moves the traffic through the car park quickly and efficiently. This includes not just how many bays are in an aisle but also how to get to the very last bays in the car park from the moment you enter the car park.
  • Bay indicator lights – It has been found from our extensive experience with these systems, that a guidance system is most efficient when there is an easy to see light on every bay. This has a number of advantages:
    • It confirms the signs are correct to the customer. When the sign says three and they look down the lane, even if they can’t see the bay is empty, there is a green light above it to show them where it is. This helps them make a quick decision.
    • The customers speed up to claim the bays. They have a destination. There is no need to follow people or wait for a reversing car, they can “see” where the vacant bay is.
  • Customer Information – New technology allows you to track customer behaviour.  Reports are compiled on how many times a customer parks in the car park.