eCampus Solution

AreteInfo one of the leading security solutions and automation provider introduces eCampus with smartcard, RFID and/or other cutting edge technologies into campus automation. Our prime focus is to provide educational institutions with latest cost effective technology to enhance its functionality and efficiency. eCampus System is a set of different systems and utilities providing automation to different facilities across campus. The entity common to each system is a student/staff personnel and each of it is represented in each of these systems by a smart card. This smart card becomes a medium of propagating information across these systems. Any activity or transaction made through a smart card gets registered into the system and hence becomes traceable. All such historical data can be used for auditing and verification purpose.

What is a Smart Card?

The Smart card is a chip based plastic card on which data is stored. A single card can be used for many types of applications and services like electronic purse/ debit card/ credit card/ health/ insurance/ loyalty etc. We understood the existing needs of the schools and colleges and carried out an extensive market research, which enables you to run your educational institution more effectively. The smart card can also be used as an identity card.

The basic reasons for implementing Smart card technology are:

Accurate information: All the information pertaining to students like attendance, fees, academic details will be maintained in accurate way. Whenever a student wants to view the above-mentioned details he can insert his card and view the same. This reduces wastage of time of both the students and the staff.

No Information loss: Manual maintenance of records and files may sometimes-loose valuable data, but with our package information will be maintained efficiently. As the Smart card can also serves the purpose of identity card, hence there is no need to use a separate identity card.

Kiosk Display: AreteInfo’s eCampus application also displays the student related information on a kiosk wherein a student can go to the kiosk and show his card to the reader located there and can get access to all his relevant information.

Various Facilities Offered:

  • Access Control
  • Time & Attendance
  • Canteen automation
  • Student information system
  • information kiosk
  • parking automation
  • Library automation
  • Gym Management
  • Any other customized application