Inventory Tracker

Inventory Management System is used to
identify the assets of a company and their respective locations. Office assets
of the company may be spread among multiple locations and doing a periodic
inventory manually is a painful process.

AreteInfo Technologies proposes an
RFID based Inventory Tracker. In this solution all the office assets will be
pasted with an RFID tag onto it and will be registered in the Inventory Tracker
Application with a Unique ID. We propose to do the inventory using a handheld
RFID reader. A person with a handheld terminal can move around and read all the
RFID tags pasted on the assets. UHF Handheld reader will be able to read all
the RFID tags in proximity of 1-2 meters.

Once the person has read all the
assets he can then go back to the Inventory Tracker server, connect the
handheld terminal to the Inventory Tracker Application and transfer all the
data. All the reports then can be fetched from the database which will give an
idea of the assets inventory as well as will show the reports of missing assets

Few of the benefits of Inventory Management System
are as follows:

  • Ease of Doing Inventory
  • Overcoming Manual errors
  • Ease of identifying the location of assets
  • Ease of identifying the missing assets
  • Customized reports related to inventory
  • Multi-location system