Toll Management System

IN TODAY’S scenario there is a great number of traffic on the road. It is very important to collect a toll tax in managed way so that it would not result in a total unorganized jungle of traffic. A toll plaza is an area which has a number of toll booths. Toll plazas are said to be areas of noise and constant revenue collection. This makes the presence of a sound management system in a toll plaza inevitable. It is very challenging to handle a vehicular flow by a manual system of revenue collection. There is a great chance that toll plaza may get large traffic and it will stop the manual system completely and there would be a great chaos. This would not be desired by any one.

Toll management systems advocate and ensure the efficacy of a toll plaza. The absence of an effective and encompassing toll management system would lead to chaos and disruption in the economic, social and monetary sector of an economy. It is important to have automated toll plaza management systems in place which would take away the excuse of human error.

Need of Toll Management System

  • The development of a country depends on the growth of its economy and infrastructure. In order to improve the condition of roads and flyovers, the toll systems are widely in use all over the world.
  • The taxes collected from commuters are invested in new roads and bridges that in turn help the commuters in safe and better transportation.
  • There are various plazas operating in the different parts of the world that aim at improving the transportation industry of the country.

Areteinfo Provides Toll Management System which can suit to all sizes of toll plazas. It has the option of cash payment, card based payment for regular users and also Fastags for electronic collection of tolls. Our TMS can integrate with NPCI’s payment management system for fastags.