Customized RFID Applications

Enterprise organizations are often
challenged with unique requirements when designing and deploying an RFID
solution. We can help! With a focus on open, standards-based RFID readers,
sensors, and other embedded and low cost computing technologies, we are
committed to providing customers with the products and architectural guidance
to succeed.

Our product architecture provides a
future-proof choice, accommodating evolving RFID standards, new RFID tags,
security advancements, and other system and technology innovation. We’ve
developed our products for the most demanding high volume applications and our
consulting and design services consistently exceed the needs of clients with
seemingly impossible sensor and embedded technology related challenges. Whether
you are investigating RFID for the first time or have an evolved RFID practice,
we have the products, expertise and experience to help you develop
applications, deploy solutions and optimize performance.

Our solutions capabilities include
systems design, RFID hardware (readers, tags, and antennas), database WEB
HOSTING, integration with third-party systems, and installation and maintenance

We have a long track record of
successful deployments in the RFID industry in environments ranging from
distribution centers to shopping carts and pickup trucks.