RFID Solutions



Our AssetTrack products enable you to instantly determine the general location of tagged objects anywhere within a defined space. Tracking includes work-in-process manufacturing as well as asset tracking. Asset tracking allows you to monitor location, status and availability from virtually any location in your extended operations; manage your assets on demand by knowing where they are and boost production by getting your assets where they need to be without delay. Integrate your business processes with on demand knowledge of work-in-process manufacturing, and make more informed decisions.

Following are the features of Asset Tracking System:

  • Generate an anti theft device alarm if an asset is stolen.
  • Stop computer theft once and for all.
  • Anti theft device system works indoors and outdoors.
  • Use RFID wireless asset tracking to locate assets.
  • Locate personnel.
  • Totally wireless infrastructure greatly reduces system cost.
  • Anti theft device transmitters are fully supervised for operational readiness.
  • Graphical presentation of assets.


Laptops are an important tool and a common fixture in virtually every company these days. As a result laptops end up with all kinds of business critical and even confidential information. Laptops offer employees instant access to product information and plans, customer lists and sales contracts – essentially all the tools required to run a business. Companies are increasingly concerned about the security of employee laptops given the sensitive nature of information contained on many of them. This reality combined with the fact that laptops are moved around more frequently today due to the nature of current business that requires more employee travel, make laptops a critical asset that need to be tracked.

Benefits of Laptop Tracking:

  • Real-Time Traceability of Laptops.
  • Improved security of Laptops.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property.
  • Ability of employees and auditors to quickly locate specific laptops saving time and effort.
  • Real-Time Laptop Discovery and Notification
  • Eliminate manual configuration identification
  • Tracks historical changes and generates alerts
  • Maintain and manage a complete, accurate audit trial for every Laptop in the enterprise.
  • Elimination of theft.

File Tracker

RFID technology has led to a revolution in File/document tracking. It is especially useful in scenarios where the documents are of high value to the organization and the loss of which can impact profitability heavily. AreteInfo offers the latest RFID technology to track files/documents. Each resource is affixed with tags and its information is mapped to the tag id. Readers are the device that sense tags and they are stationed at strategic locations like entrance/exits; server rooms; labs etc and they are connected with the internal network. The readers interrogate the tags when they come in the vicinity and send the information to the central server where the information is converted into business logic. Using AreteInfo’s File Tracker, the information can be viewed from any where in the globe.

The basic idea of RFID to track documents is as follows:

  • Each document is tagged with an RFID tag in the form of an adhesive label.
  • Staff may also be issued RFID cards as identification for checking of documents.
  • Handheld readers may be moved over shelves, piling cabinets or piles of documents to take quick inventory or to locate any misplaced document.

Benefits of File/Document Tracking solution:

  • Effective Document Tracking Mechanism
  • Improves Inventory Management
  • Cost Reduction
  • Frequent stock taking possible
  • Automated tracking of assets
  • Track mobile assets
  • Provides Security

Employee Tracker

Employee Tracking Solution is a method of tracking employees includes prompting a user for identification input, validating the identification input, receiving data from a first scan of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag upon initiation of a task, receiving data from a second scan of the RFID tag upon termination of the task, and uploading the identification input and the data of the first and second scans to a server computer system for storage and correlation. AreteInfo’s Employee Tracker solution is used to know the whereabouts of the employees of an organization. Complete process of RFID based employee tracking involves the following points:

  1. RFID readers and antennas would be placed inside the false ceiling over the key entry/exit points.
  2. Employees would be given Active RFID cards.
  3. As soon as an employee with an RFID cards crosses any of the key entry/exit points, he will be tracked by the RFID reader and antennas placed in the false ceiling above that particular entry/exit points.
  4. All the RFID readers would be connected to a central server through TCP/IP network.
  5. Server module of the Employee Tracker application would be running on the central server which will receive the communication from the RFID readers on the TCP/IP port.
  6. Server application would store the data in the database, maintain the history and will also do the correlation if required.
  7. Server application will also expose the data in a predefined format at a predefined time interval which can be utilized by the other applications.

eEvents Manager

Managing events is a difficult task these days especially when you need to keep a proper track of all your visitors. Areteinfo has come out with an Even Management System which is designed to ease your hassle of keeping a track on who is visiting your event. Areteinfo’s Event Management System facilitates the visitor registration, visitor pass issuance, pass issuance of pre-registered visitors, welcome message, entry exit time record,  Visitor tracking throughout the event and integration with social media like Facebook, twitter etc.


  • Tracking of delegates – The increase in number of delegates attending the conference, manual tracking becomes difficult and very inconvenient
  • Analysis of Conference – There is no information about which seminar/event/stall was most liked/disliked by the attendees.
  • Attendance issues – The organizers have no idea as to which attendee attended the conference and for how many hours.
  • How to attract more people – The organizers need to use the new methods of branding their conference and increase their reach.

Areteinfo’s Event Management Solution:

  • Solution proposed is to use UHF RFID technology.
  • The very basic RFID tasks—tagging the delegates and then looking at their movements in the hall, how much time they were spending at specific locations and so on
  • Having ‘like’ portals on which if the delegate flashes his badge, a status update appear on his/her Facebook/LinkedIn page.
  • Using same RFID badges in Food courts instead of coupons.

“We understand how events are organized, and we understand the things that can be done for delegates.”

Inventory Tracker


Inventory Management System is used to identify the assets of a company and their respective locations. Office assets of the company may be spread among multiple locations and doing a periodic inventory manually is a painful process.

AreteInfo Technologies proposes an RFID based Inventory Tracker. In this solution all the office assets will be pasted with an RFID tag onto it and will be registered in the Inventory Tracker Application with a Unique ID. We propose to do the inventory using a handheld RFID reader. A person with a handheld terminal can move around and read all the RFID tags pasted on the assets. UHF Handheld reader will be able to read all the RFID tags in proximity of 1-2 meters.

Once the person has read all the assets he can then go back to the Inventory Tracker server, connect the handheld terminal to the Inventory Tracker Application and transfer all the data. All the reports then can be fetched from the database which will give an idea of the assets inventory as well as will show the reports of missing assets

Few of the benefits of Inventory Management System are as follows:

  • Ease of Doing Inventory
  • Overcoming Manual errors
  • Ease of identifying the location of assets
  • Ease of identifying the missing assets
  • Customized reports related to inventory
  • Multi-location system

Jwellery Tracker

Business Need

Currently most of the jewelers track inventory on daily or weekly basis. This is often a completely manual process, which requires handling of each jewelry item separately, and is therefore, very time consuming and prone to errors. This type of inventory tracking may lead to misplacement, loss or even theft. In a premium business such as this, even a small error or loss can be significantly expensive. Huge amounts can be lost due to inefficient and slow inventory tracking.

While RFID is widely being used as an effective tool in retail industry, one application where it has immediate and direct benefits is Jewelry tracking. RFID based jewelry tracker enables tracking inventory via scanning and therefore instant stock update while increasing the staff productivity. Moreover, by automating these processes, the Jeweler can focus on his core business, viz selling Jewelry.

Our Solution

AreteInfo’s solution can be deployed in-store or at the warehouse and be used for updating and tracking inventory. Jewelry items can be tagged with discrete, tamper-evident RFID tags with unique identification numbers linked with full details of the item. On scanning the items with a small reader, the information can be transmitted to an inventory database, which runs on a standard PC in the store/warehouse.

Once attached to an item, the tag cannot be removed without deactivation. Any tampering and / or misplacement can be detected while taking inventory using a handheld RFID reader or an RFID platform. Thus within a short time inventory can be taken and uploaded to the database which facilitates smooth business through seamless visibility. At the end of the business day, the stocks at store can be scanned and reconciled with the updated database. If any tags are uncounted for, the software has the capability to send alerts to the staff.

Business Benefits

  • Automation of inventory check process at store
  • A reduction in the person-effort involved in Inventory audit, thus enabling faster tally of the inventory at set intervals
  • Electronic recording of the goods movement from Inventory room to the store display
  • Reduction in shrinkage, superior theft alerting
  • Enhanced visibility into supply chain from manufacturing unit to Stores, and for exhibitions/external displays



New technologies have always been of interest for libraries, both for the potential of increasing the quality of service and for improving efficiency of operations. At present libraries of all kinds whether public, research or special libraries are overwhelmingly looking forward to adopt new technologies due to its potential for cost savings in the operations and the management of books and patrons. One such technology is RFID. Books to have the RFID tags for book identification and users to have RFID cards for user identification.

LibMan: Provides catalogue of the books, most frequently used books, books under issue, due date, lost books details etc. Apart from these day-to-day transactions can also be maintained.


  • Inventory Updation
  • Fee Management
  • Book Issuance
  • Book Return
  • Penalty Charging
  • Card Top Up

Benefits of LibMan

For Library Staff

  • Speeds up book check-in / check-out .
  • Frees staff to better service patrons.
  • Inventory management can be done using a handheld reader without closing the library.
  • Library staff is alerted immediately when un-borrowed items passes through the theft detection gates.
  • Identify and sort books in accordance to their branch and category numbers as well as shelf locations

For Patrons

  • Patrons will spend less time waiting in check-out lines by using Self Check in – Check out systems
  • Patrons find what they are looking for quickly & easily
  • Reminders for due dates allows patrons to submit borrowed materials in time
  • Use of book drops & return chutes for returning library material, allows for flexible timings
  • RFID enabled patron cards allows for easy patron identification


Customized RFID Applications


Enterprise organizations are often challenged with unique requirements when designing and deploying an RFID solution. We can help! With a focus on open, standards-based RFID readers, sensors, and other embedded and low cost computing technologies, we are committed to providing customers with the products and architectural guidance to succeed.

Our product architecture provides a future-proof choice, accommodating evolving RFID standards, new RFID tags, security advancements, and other system and technology innovation. We’ve developed our products for the most demanding high volume applications and our consulting and design services consistently exceed the needs of clients with seemingly impossible sensor and embedded technology related challenges. Whether you are investigating RFID for the first time or have an evolved RFID practice, we have the products, expertise and experience to help you develop applications, deploy solutions and optimize performance.

Our solutions capabilities include systems design, RFID hardware (readers, tags, and antennas), database WEB HOSTING, integration with third-party systems, and installation and maintenance services.

We have a long track record of successful deployments in the RFID industry in environments ranging from distribution centers to shopping carts and pickup trucks.