Laptop Tracking

What is LapTrack?

Tracking Company laptops can be real chore and if not done correctly can cost business a lot of money in form of misplaced items resulting in higher overhead. Through the RFID based LapTrack solution, one can have the facility to track the laptop as well as the person carrying the laptop so that the system can recognize whether the person is an authorized user or not.

In the above solution, each Laptop will be fixed with an RFID tag, which has a Unique Id number to track the same. It also makes easy to create the complete usage and movement history of the asset.

Why to track laptops?

Despite tremendous benefits laptops offer, one of the key concerns is related to its movement in and out of office usually on a daily basis. This makes laptops susceptible to theft which not only is a loss of asset but more importantly loss of valuable and at times sensitive data. It is important for an organization to ensure that right person carries the right laptop in and out of the facility.

In some cases one would want to track movement of laptop within a facility and across facilities of same organization. Current method of laptop tracking is mainly through manual verification by security personnel. In some cases we have observed writing down serial number of the laptop at the entrance of the building. Any manual process is wastage of employee’s time as well as a big irritant. Thus there is a tremendous need for auto identification of laptop as well as employee carrying the laptop so that organizations can efficiently ensure “Right Person carries the Right Laptop”.

Functional details:

  • Each Laptop will be embedded with an RFID tag and the details are entered into a

database along with the unique tracking number.

  • In the database, each Laptop will be assigned certain parameters like name of owner,

date of purchase, color of the item, permitted movement, etc.

  • Each entry/exit point will have a local RFID reader, which will record the details when a

laptop passes by, and includes time/date of stamping thereby closely monitoring the

movement of the assets.

Depending on the number of Laptops and branch offices, the amount to be invested for this solution varies. The tags include tamper and removal-protection as well.

How LapTrack works:



  • Additional information is stored on the laptop tag therefore available offline.
  • Real time IN/OUT information is available.
  • Identify the unauthorized movement.
  • Less human interventions therefore less chances for errors.
  • Quick throughput.