Employee Track

In today’s world of service, safety and security, proper personnel monitoring is vital to ensuring a successful operation. Customer satisfaction is directly linked to a profitable business. Site safety and security is dependent on how well a company monitors its employees, 3rd parties and customers.

While close range access control mechanisms are a way to secure the entry and exit of people through doors and narrow openings, it is not a measure to monitor their movement and location once they get in an environment such as a large building, yard, or other sizable areas. It also lacks the ability to track multiple people at the same time.

Employee Tracking Solution is a method of tracking employees includes prompting a user for identification input, validating the identification input, receiving data from a first scan of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag upon initiation of a task, receiving data from a second scan of the RFID tag upon termination of the task, and uploading the identification input and the data of the first and second scans to a server computer system for storage and correlation. AreteInfo’s Employee Tracker solution is used to know the whereabouts of the employees of an organization. Complete process of RFID based employee tracking involves the following points:

  • RFID readers and antennas would be placed inside the false ceiling over the key entry/exit points.
  • Employees would be given RFID cards.
  • As soon as an employee with an RFID cards crosses any of the key entry/exit points, he will be tracked by the RFID reader and antennas placed in the false ceiling above that particular entry/exit points.
  • All the RFID readers would be connected to a central server through TCP/IP network.
  • Server module of the Employee Tracker application would be running on the central server which will receive the communication from the RFID readers on the TCP/IP port.
  • Server application would store the data in the database, maintain the history and will also do the correlation if required.
  • Server application will also expose the data in a predefined format at a predefined time interval which can be utilized by the other applications.

AreteInfo’s employee tracker solution for personnel monitoring provide visibility to individuals entering and exiting restricted areas, their location within controlled zones, and their location history. The employee tracker solution for personnel monitoring is a complete package for detecting and tracking employees, third parties, and customers. You can add security for people and assets easily, and set up security zones for automated tracking. The solution can also integrate with existing security systems to alert when unauthorized persons or assets enter the zone and can work with motion detection for full enforcement for persons without an ID.

RFID tags also have on-board memory so you can store information about the person such as name, a photograph, biometrics, and where they’ve been, etc.