eEvent Management System

Managing events is a difficult task these days especially when you need to keep a proper track of all your visitors. Areteinfo has come out with an Even Management System which is designed to ease your hassle of keeping a track on who is visiting your event. Areteinfo’s Event Management System facilitates the visitor registration, visitor pass issuance, pass issuance of pre-registered visitors, welcome message, entry exit time record,  Visitor tracking throughout the event and integration with social media like Facebook, twitter etc.


  • Tracking of delegates - The increase in number of delegates attending the conference, manual tracking becomes difficult and very inconvenient
  • Analysis of Conference - There is no information about which seminar/event/stall was most liked/disliked by the attendees.
  • Attendance issues - The organizers have no idea as to which attendee attended the conference and for how many hours.
  • How to attract more people - The organizers need to use the new methods of branding their conference and increase their reach.

Areteinfo’s Event Management Solution:

  • Solution proposed is to use UHF RFID technology.
  • The very basic RFID tasks—tagging the delegates and then looking at their movements in the hall, how much time they were spending at specific locations and so on
  • Having ‘like’ portals on which if the delegate flashes his badge, a status update appear on his/her Facebook/LinkedIn page.
  • Using same RFID badges in Food courts instead of coupons.
  • “We understand how events are organized, and we understand the things that can be done for delegates.”




  • Easy Visitor Registration
  • Pass issuance for walk-in as well as pre-registered visitors.
  • RFID technology helps a lot in terms of generating data from the delegates and allowing the event organizer to know, by attendance, which sessions do well.
  • It gives a clear picture of the types of sessions that are popular, and the kind of audiences that attend each session.
  • With real time status updates on Facebook/LinkedIn or any other social networking sites, you can reach more people and create more awareness.”
  • A roundtable seating arrangement lets attendees interact with each other and exchange business cards, while a big-screen monitor positioned just outside the networking area automatically displays the names of all delegates currently in that space.

As soon as someone enters, “their name is flashed on the screen, so that people outside the hall can see who is in the hall, and connect with them